Changes within NWTI

01 / 11 / 16

New Way Technology International has a new sales manager, Johan Noordenbos. Johan Noordenbos will be replacing M. de Groot, who left the company. His email address is: [email protected] Our product developer (R&D) is Niels Flach, who can be reached at [email protected]


15 / 07 / 16

NWT International BV will be part of the trade fair for surface technology from 4-6 October 2016. The trade fair will be held in the Brabanthallen in ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Surface technology is the foundation of basically all products. In many ways it provides added value to products such as: durability, appearance, ease of maintenance, adding extra functio..


15 / 07 / 16

NWT International BV developed a new and very effective coating for glass surfaces of solar panels. The coating is a so-called anti reflective coating which lets through more light, providing significantly higher energy yield. Information at [email protected]


15 / 07 / 16

NWT International has recently deposited two newly developed, innovative products for registration and trademark purposes. The names are GRAPHOX, a metal coating making use of graphene, and ALLOX, a metal coating based on aluminum fibres. More information at [email protected]

Anti-Urine Coating continued

22 / 12 / 15

Following up on our previous news item about our Anti-urine coating, marketed in collaboration with PCT Products and Service, the initial trial in the city of Rotterdam was a great success. The coating, in the below article referred to as paint, will now be trialled for 6 months in the city. A piece of the article follows here: "The city of Rotterdam will battle against urinatin..

Anti-urine coating

25 / 11 / 15

New Way Technology International BV recently added an Anti-urine coating to its product assortment, designed to protect buildings and other structures against urinating in public. Especially large municipalities across the country have problems with urine affected buildings. Urinating in public is a weekly recurring problem. Our Anti-urine coating protects stone and concrete against pene..

Coating against water penetration, dirt, algae and moss growth

06 / 10 / 15

Our coatings are eminently suitable to protect buildings and façades against weather influences and atmospheric pollutants. In OOKMEER, The Netherlands, a Sports hall has been successfully coated with our Stone Brick & Concrete coating, to prevent water penetration, dirt adhering, algae and moss growth on a decorative concrete wall.

New Way Technology International BV on TV

09 / 09 / 15

Last Saturday 5 September a video clip about New Way Technology International BV was aired on RTL 4 TV. We receive a lot of positive feedback on the broadcast!

New Way Technology International BV on RTL-4 TV!

04 / 09 / 15

Saturday 5 September, 13.25 hrs on RTL 4 TV, a video clip about New Way Technology International BV will be aired on LifestyleXperience+ TV. In this clip consumer products we carry will be highlighted.

A better and environmentally friendlier cleaning agent for HOSPITALITY and CATERING

10 / 07 / 15

Our Biological cleaning agents based on enzymes more and more find their way to the Hospitality & Catering industry. We receive enthusiastic compliments about the cleaning results as well as reorders. For you in the hospitality and catering industry we believe to have the environmentally friendly and sustainable solution with our cleaning products. See our webpage:

CLEAN & COAT: Glass and ceramics cleaner and coater in one product!

10 / 07 / 15

NWT International now has a fantastic glass and glazed ceramics cleaner, which leaves an invisible (not permanent) coating behind to prevent new pollutants from adhering to the cleaned surface. NWT Int. Glass & Ceramics Cleaner-coating - “Clean & Coat” is a ready to use cleaner and coating to quickly and stripelessly clean all washable surfaces like tables, desks, sh..

Final Presentation Hogeschool van Amsterdam

24 / 06 / 15

On Saturday 13 2015, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam presented a very successful final presentation by graduating students at the head office of New Way Technology International, Rondebeltweg 42, Almere. In cooperation with Lex van Hoogstraten the students presented a marketing plan for New Way Technology International, titled: Vision for the future, Marketing & Strategy: a marketing ..

NWT International in MEXICO

28 / 04 / 15

NWT Int. is happy to announce that we are in the last stage of negotiations that will bring us to Mexico. We are in the process of setting up an office and point of sale in Mexico that will be headed by Pim Quispel. Besides an office and point of sale in the Americas, this will also in the near future include a production facility for our products.

We are moving!

06 / 01 / 15

NWT is moving to a new location in January 2015. Our new address will be: On our new site the office of New Way Technology International BV will be located, as well as our factory and service team.

Glass coating against snow and ice

19 / 12 / 14

One of the annoying chores in winter is scraping ice and snow off the windscreen. With our glass coating that will become a problem of the past. Snow and even ice on the windscreen is easily wiped off with the windscreen wipers. Information on our address: , or at one of our Points of Sale (see webpage).


14 / 11 / 14

The coming winter makes the sale of NWT BIO Quick Thaw Granules grow exponentially. The BIO Quick Thaw Granules of NWT are the perfect alternative for salt and salt solutions and they are 100% biologically degradable. Salt and salt solutions impact heavily on the environment and governments are already in the process of restricting their use. Beside the BIO Quick Thaw Granules NWT also ..

Revolutionary additive to NWT Nano Coating

22 / 10 / 14

Since recently, NWT features a revolutionary nano-colour additive to its nano coatings. The colour additive is invisible under normal light but shows up under black light (UV-A light). With this nano-colour additive, our under normal light invisible, ultra-thin, nano coatings are revealed in full colour. Normal light: Black light:


26 / 09 / 14

NWT has just cleaned and coated cantilevered concrete façade elements of the Zorgvlied Cemetery Aula in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. Cleaning and protecting buildings and monuments against atmospheric pollutants are part of our coating service. Water, dirt and atmospheric pollutants will not be able to attach to these elements anymore and will be easily cleaned off the surface. B..

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