Stone, brick, plaster and concrete are mineral surfaces, which occupy substantial parts of buildings and their surrounds.
The coatings of New Way Technology International BV, made to measure for mineral surfaces, do not inhibit the natural attributes like water vapour permeability, breathing and warmth insulation.

Useful qualities are

  • Protection against aggressive pollutants and or chemicals, both on floors and facades
  • Anti-slip protection for slippery floors
  • Protection against graffiti
  • Dust binding proprties on indoor absorbent wearing concrete surfaces
  • Water repellency
  • Dirt and pollutant repellency (including algae and fungi)
  • Easy to clean

We would like to highlight our Anti-Slip coating STAS, for stone, brick and concrete, as well as our Chemical-Resist coating CHRT, for concrete floors. In addition we have a Dust Binder BSB for indoor absorbent wearing concrete surfaces.

The protection of buildings can easily be achieved and preserves the value of the buildings. Public buildings and facades obtain long-term protection. Valuable monuments and old buildings obtain an all-inclusive protection and can be cleaned with just mild cleaning agents.

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