Glass mainly consists of silicon dioxide (SiO2). By adding aluminium oxide, potassium oxide, calcium oxide and other components, glass can achieve various properties, most of which are well understood.
New Way Technology International BV has developed products, which are able to add to glass hitherto unknown characteristics to improve on it.

The coatings of New Way Technology International BV are pure, flexible, super-durable glass, albeit at the molecular level. These characteristics can protect glass surfaces and add extra functionality to the glass surface.

The coating gives glass the following characteristics

  • Protection against aggressive polutants
  • Anti-reflective properties (esp. important in the solar panel industry)
  • Protection against glass corrosion
  • Protection against wear
  • Water repellency
  • Oil repellency
  • Safe for food
  • Anti-bacterial properties (this characteristic is of enormous advantage for the food industry, the health industry and households)
  • Easy to clean

The transparency of the glass will not be diminished by the Glass coating and adverse light reflection will be eliminated.

Glazed ceramics can be treated the same way as glass. For example, glazed tiles, baths, wash basins, and ceramics in architecture and monuments.

With Glass & Ceramics coating of New Way Technology International BV all sorts of ceramic materials and surfaces will be protected and improved.

New functionality obtained by ceramics
  • Easy to clean
  • Protection against wear
  • Water repellency
  • Oil and dirt repellency
  • Acid and alkaline resistant
  • Anti-bacterial properties, prevention of algae and fungi growth

The original colour and structure of the ceramics will not be impaired. New Way Technology International BV also supplies a cleaner which deposits a temporary fluoride coating for glass.

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